Monday, March 22, 2010

We Won! (For the Time Being)

Last night, the Democratic Party won it's fight to reform health insurance. You'd think it was over, but it's not. The Republicans have sworn to repeal this legislation.

So, first, there will be another endless round of parliamentary maneuvers in the Senate to delay passage of the budget reconciliation bill. That will eventually fail, but in the meantime the Democrats will go through another round of shooting themselves in the foot by arguing over the bill.

Then comes the November congressional elections. At this point, the whole electorate will be fed up with the whole thing. This, however, won't stop the Republicans from lying about something else and continuing to stir up the pot. If the Democrats play true to form, they won't anticipate what the Republicans are going to do and will get caught flatfooted. They'll have to say such things as, "No the new health plan won't require you to get your nose pierced," while Fox News will swear up and down that it does. So, here's what I recommend:

  • First, by the November, some of the provisions will be in place. Democrats should spend the next seven months all over the news showing people what is really happening. Point out that if you like your insurance, nothing's changed. Point out that people in the high risk group have finally gotten insurance and can breathe easier.
  • Second, the Democrats should immediately and loudly and repeatedly portray Republicans as people who are perfectly happy with millions of Americans being without insurance. Put the Republicans on the defense for a change.
  • Third, don't throw numbers like "40 million" around. Instead say, "one in six Americans are without health insurance." Think about what that means the next time you're in McDonald's.
  • Finally, make them out to be the obstructionist, sore losers they are.
Make the debate about the Republicans and you'll win in November. Make it about health insurance and you'll lose to their next round of lies.
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